Time for a refresh …

I Have not been in here for a while and have in all honesty allowed this site to detract and pale into insignificance in my life, both working and personal.  Why?

Well, the truth is I am just struggling to fit everything in if I am honest.  So much has happened since I last updated my blog, which incidentally was back in February 2013. Terrible, given that I had so many plans to engage more and reflect on the work I was doing and hopefully use this platform to understand in what direction I was heading in.

So, enough of the excuses, what has been happening in my life that has removed so far away from doing what I once enjoyed?

Well since 2013, I have become a Dad again for the the 5th time.  Madz 2

Madeleine was born on the 5th March 2013 and has taken up a great of our lives as you can expect.  More on that in another post.

I have moved away from my volunteer work at St Andrew’s First Aid.  I made this decision for a number of reasons, mainly because Madeleine came along and I wanted to see more of her growing up as I felt I have always missed on a big part of that with my other four children.  Although three of them are no longer children. My Son, Mark is now 28 years old, works in the same industry as me and for the same company within our Manchester region, Nicola is 27, lives in Stockport with her Fiance and my two wonderful Grandchildren, Teagan and Caitlyn.  Nikki is due to be married next year, which is a great and proud moment I am looking forward to.  Stephanie is 26 this September and lives with her partner, Wes in Tenerife and has just announced this week that I am about to become a Grandfather again for the 3rd time as they are expecting their first child.  That in itself is very exciting but at the same time slightly nervy and worrying as she is so far away and will quite obviously be giving birth in a foreign country, something I have never experienced or even know anyone who has experienced their “baby girl” giving birth in another country so far away.

La Cosa

We were last in Tenerife mid last year where we spent a great week with them and I can see what attracts them to stay there.  As Wes is a tattooist I took the opportunity to allow him to “brand2 me whilst I was there and eventually got round to having the portrait of my fourth child, Alex tattooed on my leg.

If ever you are in Tenerife and fancy getting a great tattoo in a very clean, hygienic studio then be sure to visit Wes, Steph, Siks and Lupe at La Cosa Nostra Tattoo Tenerife and they will look after you.  (Click on the Pic above for their Facebook page)

Alex Tattoo 1

It was something I always wanted to do ever since I took the photo of her in black and white as she held precariously on to the coffee table whilst learning to walk at around 15 months old.

I have also increased my team at work so now have double the staff reporting in to me and am proud to have everyone of them in the team, it truly is a great team and is going from strength to strength.  These changes, along with a growth in the size of the business, have brought many challenges.  Some new and some not so new but just as important.

As part of this refresh  I want to add a new page to the site allowing me to open up about the condition I live with, Pernicious Anaemia, which for anyone who is not familiar is a blood condition that means my body does not absorb vitamin B12 naturally through the stomach lining.  This results in the need for injections as often as 12 weekly and in some case more often.  For me it means an injection every 12 weeks plus a “top up” injection as and when I feel I need one.  I will open up more on this on the new page.  I am hoping this will work as I do have some reservations that mixing work and personal may not appeal to some or most and it could be that we revert back to a more “official” approach.

Right, enough for now then and I will get some notes down for the new page.




Fantastic to hear from you Paul! Lovely to understand some of the positive things that have kept you busy, as they should. Also to read your mix of positive and business. I think it's interesting as they often give us insights or approaches that others might not have. Welcome back x

Paulfgill moderator


Hi Jo, many thanks for your thoughts and comments, they are really appreciated.  Hopefully I will get the balance right with the content and although I still have some work to do, with a bit of luck, the new-look site will prompt me to write more.

Hopefully we will catch up very soon and talk L&D. x

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