Drew Povey

During my career I have often looked out certain leaders by which to build my approach on.  People who I have found to be influential, supportive and overall people, leaders with whom I have felt a connection with.  Not all of these "connections" have come from meeting them face to face or indeed knowing them on any more of a personal nature other than reading their offerings or watching their videos.  However, I was given the opportunity through my Daughter starting at her new school when we moved to Manchester from Scotland to meet a great and inspirational leader, whom has become, over the past couple of years a very great friend and I am proud to be associated with him.

Drew Povey is the kind of person you want at your family party, he is the guy that everyone looks to set the bar and the Gent who "owns" the room the moment he walks in to it!

You may have seen him on the telly in a programme called Educating Manchester where the TV cameras went in to Harrop Fold School and spent some time offering the viewer a "fly on the wall" approach to what was being done.  What was being achieved.  Not what was being achieved by the Head, Drew.

No! It is not about Drew, far from it.  You see, this is where Drew has hooked me in.  It is about the infectious manner he has for all things leadership.  And, that is where my association with him, comes in.  As you know, if you have read other parts of my site, I have a great passion for all things leadership, personal development, coaching, embracing change, supporting people to be their best and in turn asking of them to lead, coach and develop others as part of their journey.  This is precisely what Drew does.  But he does it with kids as well as adults.  Harrop, whilst under Drew's leadership, had, probably still does have many, many leaders within its four walls.  This is the quality and value that Drew brought and continues to bring to many.

Having first looked at what Drew does and what he has achieved from afar and wanting to know more I chose to download his book to find out a bit more around what he has done, what his mantra is, how he expects to continue to support and develop young ones.  My recognition and respect for this man just went from strength to strength.

Don't believe me?  Have a read for yourself .. Drew Povey Educating Manchester




Here is an excerpt from that book just to whet your appetite...

Drew Povey was one of the youngest Heads in the country when he was appointed aged 32 in 2010. Through sheer determination and strong, visionary leadership, Drew and his management team (including his two brothers) have wiped out the GBP600k a year deficit and are reducing the huge debt - while continuing to get standout results from pupils.

Drew's book reveals the untold story of their struggles, and the unique leadership style that has seen a quite stunning turnaround in a school once labelled one of the worst in the country.

I would urge anybody to take a look at what Drew does in leading and influencing people, what he has to offer, I think you may find his work just as infectious as I did and indeed, still do.

To give you a flavour of what Drew offers, please take a look at the short video below.