Drew Povey

Drew Povey is the kind of person you want at your family party, he is the guy that everyone looks to set the bar and the Gent who "owns" the room the moment he walks in to it!

How do I know who this guy is and what he has to offer?

Well, it is not an association that I have had for a long period of time if I am honest.   However, the impact he has had on me, my Wife and our Daughter has been enormous.  He is the Gentleman who is heading up the High School that is Harrop Fold in Little Hulton where my 11 year old Daughter will be attending from the start of September.  You may have seen him on the telly in a programme called Educating Manchester where the TV cameras went in and spent some time in the school offering the viewer a "fly on the wall" approach to what was being done.  What was being achieved.  Not what was being achieved by the Head, Drew.

No! It is not about Drew, far from it.  You see, this is where Drew has hooked me in.  It is about the infectious manner he has for all things leadership.  And, that is where my association with him, comes in.  As you know, if you have read other parts of my site, I have a great passion for all things leadership, personal development, coaching, embracing change, supporting people to be their best and in turn asking of them to lead, coach and develop others as part of their journey.  This is precisely what Drew does.  But he does it with kids as well as adults.  Harrop has many, many leaders within its four walls.  This is the quality and value that Drew brings to many.

The leaders, young and old within Harrop have created a hashtag on Twitter called #TeamHarrop and that is about the TEAM and it is a great way to showcase the great work that is being done.

Having looked at what Drew does and has achieved from afar and wanting to know more I chose to download his book to find out a bit more around what he has done, what his mantra is, how he expects to continue to support and develop young ones.  My recognition and respect for this man just went from strength to strength.

Don't believe me?  Have a read for yourself .. Drew Povey Educating Manchester




Here is an excerpt from that book just to whet your appetite...

Drew Povey was one of the youngest Heads in the country when he was appointed aged 32 in 2010. Through sheer determination and strong, visionary leadership, Drew and his management team (including his two brothers) have wiped out the GBP600k a year deficit and are reducing the huge debt - while continuing to get standout results from pupils.

Drew's book reveals the untold story of their struggles, and the unique leadership style that has seen a quite stunning turnaround in a school once labelled one of the worst in the country.

Sadly, it would appear, in my opinion, that Drew is no longer seen as and regarded by Salford Council as the Messiah that he once was.  It would seem that he has fallen out of favour with the Local Authority.  Unfortunately he and three other staff from the school are currently being investigated with regards to records of pupils in the school.

I have an issue with this, my issue is that first of all the timing of all of this by the authority was absolutely appalling as they decided to suspend on Friday 13th July the week prior to the school holidays, secondly the news of the suspension was clearly leaked to the press, which is just WRONG!

Another issue I have is that something does not make sense!

Why would a guy, a leader, an inspirer of people and if you read his book, you will learn that this man has written the book and fulfilled his intention to donate proceeds from that book to the school to reduce the debt, not only that, the numerous leadership talks he does around the UK for large blue chip clients, sports teams, schools and other organisations that believe in him and what he can bring to their staff and teams, he has donated proceeds to the school to pay off the debt.  That same debt was at £3m when he took over in 2010 as Head, it is now at £1.5m.

In my mind, it does not make sense that someone would cheat for something such as embelleshing (as reported by the media) records of whether children were in school or in classes.

Drew has vowed to fight this, he has pledged to clear his name and the good name of the school.  This recent action by the LEA around the suspensions has led to a great deal of unrest, it has led to uncertainty and it really has knocked the stuffing out of many people and that includes the children.

A number of parents have chosen, due to beliefs and through the anger and upsetting of the handling of this situation to start a petition.  the core of the petition are the following people on Twitter:

Paul | Steve | Lisa | Jo | Steph | Mel

Behind us we have a lot of people, enough people to have signed the petition started by Steve and now has some 1294 signatures attached to it!

Please feel free to join our petition and sign by clicking HERE or on the image below:

Our petition has been handed in directly to the LEA in Salford and also to Harrop Fold when we undertook a silent protest at the school.  This proved to be successful but was also marred with upset and upheaval when again the LEA made a very poor decision to close the school thus leading to further upset directly impacting the children.

Have a look HERE and decide for yourself if the children were in any way being put at risk?

To give you a flavour of what Drew offers, please take a look at the short video below.