My choice of seminars to attend at the upcoming Learning Technologies Exhibition in Jan ’13

Having attended the World of Learning in October 2012 as a Platinum Delegate, in fact my first ever attendance of such show and one that was extremely encouraging and informative with talks by the likes of Steve Wheeler of Plymouth University, Martin Belton of Ascot Communications, Mark Glanville of Phones 4 u and many more who gave me a high level of inspiration and ideas to take forward, I thought that although I am not attending the LT13uk as a delegate and will only be there for the exhibition and free seminars I would start giving some thought to the sessions I am looking to attend.

Day 1 29th January I was thinking of attending the following:-

11:00-11:30 Online engagement: what to do if you build it and they don’t come with Martin Baker and Owen Ferguson
This an important one for me to attend as we are currently setting up our elearning platform and one of our challenges will be;  leading learners to water AND making them drink.

11:45-12:15 Through the looking-glass – The future of learning technology with Tom Eeles
I would like to attend this one to hopefully get an understanding of where we need to be looking in terms of the longer vision of our objectives.

12:30-13:00 “Take away learning, or eat in”: Effective multi-device learning and delivery with Mike Byrne
As one of my focus areas, certainly early this year is going to be about peer-to-peer learning including facilitating of mobile platform, this may well be an advantage to gain a better understanding of what is potentially out there.

13:15-13:45 Empower your learning audience anytime, anywhere with Richard Moorer
Pretty much along the same lines as the above session, this should give me more insight into the Mobile and peer-to-peer options.

14:00-14:30 An American and an Englishman get social: Ron and Giles talk design, implementation and measurement of successful social learning with Ron Edwards and Giles Smith
This will help cement the need and my understanding of the desire and functionality of Social Learning.

14:45-15:15 From isolated courses to an integrated experience: Kineo and City & Guilds showcase ‘The City & Guilds Way’ portal with Steven Walsh
Hopefully gaining and overall view of gaming, supporting, delivery and creation of content.

15:30-1600 “OK, so I’ve bought an e-learning system, what do I do now?” with Glenn Stewart
Looking to do what it says on the tin and learn from some of the mistakes that have been made before.  In attending this it is hoped that we can save ourselves some time as well as scuffed knees.

16:15-16:45 Conference Keynote Video
Hopefully a catch up on what is being said by the conference speakers and gain an overview of the key points.

Day 2 30th January I was thinking of attending the following:-

11:00-11:30 Navigating the ‘perfect storm’ in L&D with Stephen Debruyn
This session has a number of key elements I am particularly interested in including LPI survey results as well as “Barriers to Change and discussion on a Road Map to capitalise on existing opportunity.

11:45-12:15 Tin Can experience: how we learn and work with Paul Burns
This I am looking at as a quick way to learn through face to face discussion a little more about Tin Can and what it has to offer in the near and distant future.

12:30-13:00 Everyone, everywhere, at any time! How to adapt your learning strategy to reap the benefits of a multi-device world with Gavin Beddow
This should offer, I am sure a slightly more in-depth look at mobile working and learning and also one of the key elements is to provide five easy steps to reviewing your learning strategy.

13:15-13:45 Kia UK drives their training process forward with a digital workbook solution with Ian Goswell
The idea of a digital workbook to integrate with a true blended format within our organisation is an area close to our thoughts.  Hopefully this session will offfer a good insight into what and how.

14:00-14:30 RSA a case study: How we halved training design time and decreased time to competence by 30% with Neal Harris and Krissie Owen
Any pointers that enable us to reduce the time spent training and also enable us to be future proof and adaptable has to be a must and something to be met with open arms.

14:45-15:15 Future of learning with HTML5 and video with Akshay Bharadwaj
A really interesting one for me as Adobe Captivate as well as Adobe Connect feature extremely highly with us. Looking forward to this one indeed.

15:30 – I will most likely be looking to head back home to Glasgow around this time but depending on how the day goes and how much time I get to look around the exhibition will determine how the afternoon goes on from here.

Some of the exhibitors I would really like to drop in on are:-Adobe Connect
eLearning Brothers

I may also, depending on topics discussed at some of the seminars, visit one or two sites belonging to the speakers.

If you have any thoughts of your having seen the line up and would like to share them then please feel free to add comments below.

Thank you.


John Curran
John Curran

Great forward planning Paul. Learning Tech gets better every year and your list has got me into planning mode myself!


 @Paulfgill Paul - Definitely. Send me a DM on Twitter and we can exchange phone numbers. I'm around both days.