Pernicious anaemia is a result of your body's immune system attacking the cells within the stomach that produce a protein vital for the absorption of vitamin B12.

Meat, fish and dairy products all naturally contain Vitamin B12, which is normally absorbed into the body through the stomach. For this process to occur, gastric parietal cells in the stomach release a protein called intrinsic factor.

People who have pernicious anaemia unfortunately produce antibodies which attack these gastric parietal cells.  As a result, the amount of intrinsic factor.  Due to this deficiency the body is anaemic because it cannot produce red blood cells that are fully functional and therefore do not carry enough oxygen.

As vitamin B12 is crucial for many biochemical reactions, such as protecting your nerve cells through myelin production, converting fat into energy, and supporting red blood cell production, the results of pernicious anemia can be debilitating.

As mentioned above, eating meat and dairy products will provide the body with vitamin B12 naturally.  However, it does not guarantee you will not become deficient in vitamin B12, as there are many risk factors that can inhibit proper absorption of this vitamin.

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