L&D – when does it stop being a job and start becoming a hobby?

I know it may well seem like a very strange question and I am sure it one that can be applied to any employment role and not just that of L&D.  However, overenquiry 5 the past six months as I have delved quite deeply into the world of E-learning, Online Facilitation, Social Media to name just a few areas of this vast expanse of necessary conduct, I just look at how much “work” I do at work and how much “work” I do at home.

I appreciate that the above question and paragraph can possibly sound a little bit confusing but bear with me for a wee while.

I can’t help wonder, especially when I see the likes of Twitter coming alive at night during “out of working” hours and at a time where I do a lot of my personal learning or moreover, I am increasing my Continual Personal Development, if I am not alone in my desire to continue working after hours on a subject that interests me so much.

When I look at my #PLN and see so many people tweeting about, this blog or that blog or sharing links to videos and whitepapers, maybe even a book or two on e-learning or SoMe, it is clear that I am only one of many perhaps with the same level of desire and ambition to learn and create as much as I can.

Is it a desire or is it just something that has gotten under our skin and unable to shake off the habits?  Are we unique or perhaps more unique than other industries? Is the desire for us individually to learn as much for ourselves so we are able to support other learners?

Many questions it seems that all roll in to one, without any clear passage of void between them!






Any thoughts?  Please feel free to add comments.



Interesting point here Paul - I was the same about 2 yrs ago - my team was disbanded - but thankfully I wasn't made redundant but moved over to the design team.  I thought that this would be 'interesting' but actually I've learned more over the last 2 years in this team than I think I ever did as a delivery trainer.  But this was also because I started reading and interacting online. The possibilities were endless and a group of us at work all started getting involved and sharing.  I think I consider myself to me more of a learning professional now than I have previously!