“I have a quandary – Help”!!!

Hmmm, I am actually struggling to motivate myself to even get started to write this post if I am honest.  Why? – well, the last few weeks, since attendinsmall__110170445g the Learning Technologies show in London my workload has exploded immensely and my desire to focus on certain key areas have been, shall we say, slightly sent out of kilter.

Attending LT13 was such a great buzz, enabled me to meet up with some great people both internal and external to my Personal Learning Network and meeting these people have fueled the desires within me to be even more creative with our imminent launch of our LMS.  An LMS that hasn’t really been unboxed yet, yet alone unleashed to the masses within my organisation.

I read the blogs of other fellow L&D colleagues and contacts, I watch videos and engage in Twitter chat and I see what others are doing and how productive they are being.  Productive in areas and with projects that I want to be doing but can’t due to other factors taking precedence over my desired, possibly more exciting actions.

However, all is not lost, rather than think about what I am not doing, let’s have a look at what I am doing …

Tomorrow, my colleague and I are with our LMS developers for some implementation planning as well as training on the system, with lunch provided, which is a nice wee extra thrown in – thank you guys at MediaCorp.  Next week sees us launch the system internally to the business allowing them a week to drop in, have a look around and we have even managed to implement a “How To” session in the form of a course, their first course in fact, which should pave the way for staff finding their comfort zone and “getting a feel for their new toy”  The following week sees the roll out of some Manual Handling learning for ALL staff as well as Electrical Safety learning for our service support staff.  Then we have some Basic IT learning to be rolled out, which has taken a great deal of time, with long days/nights work putting it all together.

I am really excited about our L&D future, I am looking forward to implementing and utilising all the aspects that I think I have picked up on as being necessary requirements to enable learning in the work place to be fun.  elements such as gamification, nothing big, even just a simple User Dashboard to enable learners to see what they are doing compared to what others are looking at working on.  Simple jigsaws with timers against them to see who, in the business can put them together in the quickest time.  Forums for various areas of the organisation, both business based as well as social based so if people want to spend time chatting about the weekend’s football or Masterchef, they have a virtual water cooler to stand office_watercoolerround and chew the fat.

My time spent in Manchester at our head office last week was a very resourceful.  It enabled me to engage with a selection of people to have informal chats about expectations from them to us and also about what individuals can provide to all staff within the capacity of peer-to-peer learning.  I caught up with Managers and one or two Directors and discussed Storyboard templates with them so they can supply their thoughts as Subject Matter Experts on topics they feel their staff would benefit from and enable them to carry out their roles more effectively and efficiently.

Some of these meetings I managed to catch on audio recording, with a view to sharing throughout the business so all staff can have visual (or rather audio but you get the point) about what other departments are planning to engage with L&D on.

I find that my own personal drive and ambition is very much infectious.  Granted it is self-infectious in the fact that the more I read, hear, do – the more I want to read, hear and indeed do!  Now and then that infection spills out in to others, I just hope that the LMS is received by most, I appreciate I will not capture all, but I will capture some and I am sure that once people see the benefits, both from a business as well as a personal point they will get the bug and join get on the bus.

So, what is my quandary? I hear you ask.  Well, it just goes to show that putting your thoughts down on paper or rather PC blog, helps you put things in to perspective.  I don’t have a quandary – of course I don’t.  I just thougSnowball Micht I did, I thought that I was doing myself an injustice by not doing what others are doing because I was concentrating on the here and now, the mundane tasks if you like.  I need to keep doing what I am doing, keep ticking off the tasks on the priority list, working my way towards the “nice to do” elements, such as updating my blog more often, creating video blogs and more podcasts, attending more chat forums on Skype and Twitter.  All of these opportunities will still be there once the LMS is launched, once I have more time to engage more on a social level.


Hi Paul, 


Apologies for the belated reading and response to your Bat signal for help - I've had some similar issues in trying to keep up with everything I need/want/desire to do. 


It reads to me that you really are doing what you want: being productive with projects. There may be other people reading your blog and thinking "I really want to implement an LMS" and not at the stage you are and feeling jealous and other pressures. 


As you say, you've answered your own question - it's great that your blog could be your rubber duck!




Paul I will be trying to do the same when ours rolls out later in the year, may ask to pick your brain if that's OK?


Hi @pfgill69 it sounds like you are planning to use your LMS as more of a 'social area' than a 'traditional' LMS - which in my humble opinion is  a good thing.

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