Fight or Flight ….

This edition of my blog takes on a slight change as I am looking to mix it up slightly.  Rather than put some more words on a page, nothing wrong with that of ocurse and I will continue with that format but I thought I would drop in a Video Log or VLOG as I believe it is more commonly known.

Apologies if it does not appeal to some, it is my first attempt at such diversity across my blog and I dare say that the feedback and comments may well determine if it is a level of change that I venture into again.  Hopefully it will appeal to most.

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I am seeing more and more people reaching out recently around the happenings at Harrop.  I have had comments and messages from people whom I do not know and in fact, it is fair to say, they do not want to be known.  But they are sharing information that is both startling and at the same time, very much eye opening.  Not all of which I understand if I am honest, as I do not know the education system inside out as others do, but what is abundantly clear to me is that something is most definitely amiss and needs to be looked into further.  I don’t know if it is just sour grapes or indeed if the information is true and factual, but what is for certain, not all is what it appears to be with this fiasco. I sense, AND I MUST STRESS AT THIS POINT, that it is JUST A SENSE, that people are being made to feel uneasy, they are not happy about how business is being conducted around the investigation, not happy with the way questions are being inferred and I would go so far as to say that one or two may indeed be feeling somewhat threatened by it all.  Again, this is all my own wording, I am reading between the lines.  Which, in fairness, I have had to do and I believe I am becoming quite adept at it over the past couple of months.  This whole situation has become very much like a scab on a sore, the more it itches, the more you want to pick at it.  My worry though for this particular scab is that one pick too many may mean that the wound opens up fully and then we get to see what is really on the inside.  But, in doing so, we get to heal from within rather than having to keep putting plasetrs over the niggle.

Have a watch of my VLOG below and see what your thoughts are.

Are you one to Fight or Flee?