Feeling quite aggrieved ….


As many of you will know if you have read my blog recently you will see that I have been fairly vocal with an issue that has been unfolding around Harrop Fold School in Little Hulton, Manchester.  This is the High School that my Daughter was due to attend in September this year and has now been put in to a bit of a tail spin.  Why?  Well, essentially because the reason we chose this school rather than one of the other local schools such as Walkden High is because of the great many things this school has achieved and continues to achieve with its pupils.

There is a lot of publicity around the background to the school.  How it is in debt, the fact that it was once deemed to be the worst school in Britain.  Even the fact that they had to have not one but TWO Police Officers on patrol in the school in order to bring some stability to poor behaviour amongst the pupils within it.

I am not going to get in to all of that in this post, I have shared that previously in my last edition and I have also posted the links to a lot of what has happened in the past and some of what is happening in more recent years as Drew Povey has looked to change the outlook, reduce the issues, clear down the debt and take control to where it needs to be in a highly poverty-stricken area such as Little Hulton.

What I want to do in this post is capitalise on the latest news piece published by the Manchester Evening News on Saturday 18th August.  The fact that I have had a mention and that it is possibly my two minutes of fame I will ever get in life is of no concern.  What is of grave concern though is that nobody from Salford Council appears to be listening.

A video showing what happened at the protest at the school once news broke of the suspension is here https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/headteacher-drew-povey-being-investigated-14941214

There are a vast number of people taking to Twitter in support of Drew Povey, the 3 other teachers involved in this farce and indeed how this is affecting the school and its pupils.

Some of those quotes can be seen here …










































I have been asked “Why are you getting involved Paul, in the grand scheme of things what has this got to do with you?”

Well, the answer is nothing – absolutely nothing to do with me.  If it had, I would do nothing.  Simple as that!  The reason I have CHOSEN to get involved is simply that.  It is a choice.  What Drew, his team and the pupils at Harrop have achieved in recent years has been outstanding.  The values that have been shown time and again are aligned with my own values and for that reason I am getting involved.  I have no issue in standing up and being counted if it means that Harrop can continue as it has and that Drew is back at the helm doing what he does best.  Where it twists with my values is with regards to what Salford Council are doing, how they have failed to recognise not only how they have handled this in such a poor way but how they have negated to understand the impact it has on the pupils, the school, the community and the future of Harrop.  Yes, I can turn a blind eye and perhaps it would be the “easy thing” to do.  But that is not me, I can’t just walk away and turn my back on something I believe so strongly in.

Let’s see where the Tweets, the Facebook comments, the emails to the council, MP’s, Salford Mayor and other dignitaries may take us.  One thing is for sure, It is not going away.

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