My aim is to offer you an
insight into my world through my eyes.


Hi, my name is Paul Gill and I am grateful to have this opportunity to share with you the life I lead and hopefully help and inspire at least one person as I tread this path through life.
My paid work is with a great and leading company within the MPS sector. M2 UK are first class in all areas of our industry and are able to deliver on time, every time.
My role within M2 has changed dramatically since I first started this website. Initially my role was two-fold - Learning & Development Manager supporting all staff within the organisation and my secondary role was as a Regional Service Manager heading up a team of Service Engineers covering an expanse of area from Carlisle to furthest North mainland Scotland and more recently into the islands of Scotland, which brought with it new challenges.

Over the past 18 months or so I have move completely away from the L&D role having embedded a new learning platform from our parent company, which now takes care of all of our learning opportunities in so far as it looks after our Health & Safety requirements. Alongside this shift I have also taken up the role of National Technical Manager reporting into both the Technical Director and directly into the Chief Operating Officer at Board level. This role has enabled me to concentrate on driving through efficiencies and cost control within the department. More of that and what we have achieved later.

Up to a couple of years ago I was involved as a volunteer supporting a prestigious Scottish Public Service provider, St Andrew's First Aid.  Through my St Andrew's First Aid volunteer work I have undertaken courses and training in First Aid and Life Saving Skills and was very fortunate to offer support and care to the public at many events throughout Scotland. Each year rewarding 650 hours plus of volunteer public service at events as well as in depth training in both hard and soft skills.
On my journey, both in the volunteer and work arenas, I have learned a great deal and not least becoming COLF accredited and looking at new ways of engaged learning within the workplace.
I am hoping to share some of these experiences with you.
When our second Daughter came along in March 2013, I took the decision to take a break from volunteering so I could be a bigger part of both my Daughter's growing up, something I greatly missed out on with my three children from my first marriage and deeply regret as the clock can never be turned back.
I will at some point head back in to volunteering in some guise or other - it is after all, very infectious!

I live in Greenock on the West Coast of Scotland near the River Clyde with my Wife, Jackie, two children, Alex and Madeleine and two dogs, Isla and Odie.